Saturday, June 26, 2010

It truly is upsetting

I've sat and watched and listened to the news tonight on the G20 and the happenings in Toronto. I'd like to say Toronto is my city, but after today I have a feeling it will be a long time before I am happy to say I am happy that this event the G20 happened here. Police crusiers have been set ablaze, people have distroyed store fronts, and all in the name of what??? Violence!!!!! They wear black, they hide behind their garb, and they say they are there to protest. Watching tonight all I can see is that they have created havoc, harm, and upset. Will Toronto ever rid of the happenings of today as anything but a true waste of money with all the distroying and damages that have happened. Wake up people. Protests happen daily in Toronto, nothing like what has happened today. People carried bats, people walked with intentions to harm, this is truly sad!!!!! They have been caught on tape, those people who have been involved in actions of criminal acts should and will be arrested. How sad is it our communities are having to take cover, go into lockdown and hope for their safety. Sitting and watching it is like watching a bad movie, but it's not, it's reality of something really happening. How it hurts me to think of the police that have been assulted, hit with rocks, spat at, and bottles of urine thrown at them. It is sad to see young adults behaving in this regard. I truly hope that when my daughter is older she will NEVER behave like I have seen tonight. We can give our children wings, I hope they/she will choose to fly differently and make better choices for the world we live in!

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