Thursday, January 20, 2011

HoLy cOw BatMaN........

can you believe it's already half way through January. Where does time go??? If I could buy one thing I think it would be time I would want to buy. I'm asking yah, how do you find time to create creatively, cook, take care of the family, work, and find some time to rest in there too????? If you've found the secret let me know because seriously I am really tired trying to find a way to balance everything.

The dog has a serious fear issue. I cook and she is terrified to be in the house on the main floor. She associates my cooking with the fire alarm going off. She's a bundle of nerves which stresses me out. Taylor is non stop go, and non stop talk. Sometimes all I want is a few moments of silence, and that's not happening too soon. Ever wanted a bird that talks???? I did until we got one.....LOL. Coslty, hubby's bird loves to whistle, talk and well, just add his laugh into anywhere he can during the day. He always puts a smile on my face, well not always. He's screaming for hubby is enough to make your skin crawl but he truly is a little love when he's in the mood to cuddle or snuggle.

Just before Christmas, on my way to work there was a poor little bird laying in the middle of the road. Well, I couldn't just drive by and leave him there, Christopher now resides in the basement and is there for 90 days, away from the other birds just in case his health is not the greatest. Now talking about birds and health, that little love bird, the one that draws blood has laid five eggs. She's sitting on them, protecting them, and rarely up for anything other than a bit of food and water. After eating the first few eggs, and then not sitting on the next batch she just might have things figured out, and we might just have some little wings flapping about here.

Hubby is NOT doing good at all. His pain is extreme, his ability to walk is minimal, and he still really tries to do for Taylor. Weekends might find him at the gym watching Taylor either swim or do her karate, but once the time is done there his body is wore out and he's in bed crashed for a few days recouping. He's my pillar and he doesn't even realize how much of a man he is to me.... I always say he does more than most able bodied fathers, but he doesn't think so.

Wow Christmas, now that seems like forever ago.....and shush don't tell anyone but I still have my tree up....... yup that thing called time, and here I sit mucking about on the computer when I could be doing so much more......but one thing I did find time for is walking the track at the gym when Taylor is there doing her thing....and I'm liking it....................go figure, it use to be the only place I could go and sit and watch tv, but now I've found I am really liking to walk so we'll see how long this lasts for...............anyway
speaking of's time to head to bed......................yah that's another thing I'm having a hard time finding time for.....first I'm tired all day then when my head hits the pillow I lay there and can't sleep.......PLEASE if you have any secrets, thoughts or know how on how to make time for just doing everything that needs to be done please please please let me know.....hugs.

And oh yah...................thanks for finding the time to visit my log and leave a comment, your words really do mean alot.

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Jan said...

Well hello there :) Am glad you and your family are doing well!!! Great to hear from you and thanks for the sweet comment :)