Thursday, March 3, 2011

They say if it doesn't kill yah.........

it will make yah stronger.
Last year was a year to remember........stuff happening, things going on, and well, just when you hope that year is over and a good one will start. Guess what? It doesn't.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be negative, but this year sure hasn't started out any better than last year ended.

Often I sit and wonder how come things just keep being thrown at us. Are we suppose to be learning something, are we suppose to be getting stronger????
But I really wish we could catch a break somehow. All I'm saying is that if being stronger is what we are suppose to be, soon I will be super woman. Hey now that won't be such a bad thing, the body that she had I'd welcome.......and with that said, I've stuck to my fitness site, I'm eating better, loosing weight, and after I get the ok to start exercising at the eight week mark after surgery I will be right back at the gym walking that track.

I keep saying I'm going to get back into scrapping, I've been working on my scrap space for what seems like forever. I make progress in the organizing and cleaning, and then I have something come about and it looks like the area was hit by a tidal wave. Only I could have such luck, but I am getting there and I will get back into creating soon. If yah've hung about this long waiting for a creation why not hang about a bit more------soon I keep telling myself.


jillofallcrafttrades said...

aww i am sorry your year has started terrible,i too have had a rough start with serious pregnancy complications and the death of our family dog.Know you are not alone,and i hope things start to look up for you soon!

DSK said...

I think one way or another we'll never stop learning new things, and it won't always be easy. But having loved ones to help us through the way and strong faith is what helps! :)

Bobby S said...

Talk about it, been such a roller coaster year for me so far... hope you keep writing, sure helps with a bit of venting sometimes :)