Monday, September 12, 2011

How confusing it must be???

I really can't comprehend Alzheimer's at all. I can't imagine looking into the eyes of people you have known forever and not knowing them. I can't imagine being afraid of the people you have loved forever. I don't understand how my mother is able to tell someone she has it and then be totally confused about life. It really is not a most wonderful experience and it is an emotional roller coaster to be on daily.
I spent the afternoon with my mother, she could not remember how to cook a basic meal, she did not know where "they" keep things in the house. Only her and my father live in the house and have for over fifty years and she does not remember the house and believes she has just moved there. She says she is sometimes terrified with who she is sleeping with, and it is the same man who has been in bed beside her for the entire time they have been married.
I can't imagine how my father feels, telling her daily that he loves her, that he is there and has never left and that he will take care of her, only to have her forget it all and have to be told again and again. I know it takes it's toll on him, I know she worries about frustrating him, and yet each day is the same.
What is more cruel???
Have an illness invade your body and make you frail and weak, or to have a disease invade your mind and memory. I really can not say. Both Michael's parents passed away after having battled Cancer bravely. It's heartbreaking for everyone seeing the body change and the illness take over. Yet with Alzheimer's it's hard for the family, fearful for the person and heartbreaking for everyone.
I keep saying one day at a time, yet it's almost one minute at a time. The good with the not so good, and the sad with lots of tears being shed.
Hope for a rainbow and end up with a falling star to wish on. Maybe there will be a cure for all the terrible illness and diseases in life.

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