Monday, June 18, 2012

If I dIDn'T laUgH.....

I might cry.............. We spent a wonderful afternoon and evening at my parents house yesterday celebrating Father's Day. Taylor woke early, headed to my scrap space in the basement first off and made her dad a card. It was adorable and he loved it. As the day progressed we got ready and headed for dinner at my parents. My father wanted to cook a roast but with the temperatures outside there was no need to heat the house up and make the airconditior work double time, so I suggested a pizza. Take out food has got to be the best, who ever invented it must of been celebrating something when they came up with the idea because it really is the way to handle quick fast dinners for everyone to enjoy. Anyway, over we went with pizza and cake in hand. If you have been following my blog you'll understand my situation. There we sat in the living room and the first incidnet happened. All was quiet and my mother broke out with her arms waving in the air like she was conducting a choir singing Happy Birthday, after all she did see a cake come into the kitchen. She had no idea who's birthday it was but she wanted everyone to join in with her singing. So I did, why not, it was fun and if I didn't laugh at all the little things that are going on with this dreaded disease taking over her life I just might cry. Well out comes my father breaking in when she is right in the middle of the chorus and said........"hon it's no one's brithday." Now come on, the going was good and we weren't laughing at, we were laughing with my wodnerful mom. That was the first indient to quickly be joined by the second, when we were sitting at the table all eating dinner. There was a quiet moment and my mom started again, in full volume singing away, then looking at Taylor, signalling her to join in and there sat Taylor, eyes wide open full of I'm not so sure of what running through her head. So I spoke, and said mom remember it's Father's Day, no one's birthday in a quiet voice, once again there was silence. With her cheeks a little flushed my mom quickly stopped singing, smiled oddly and said...oh I know that. We all laughed again. It's true, you have to live in the moment, find little things to laugh about, try hard not to look at the person for who she was but for who she is, and enjoy all the little things that come along each day. It's those things that make the disease a little easier to bare. Don't get me wrong, I do my fair share of crying, but I really am trying to learn to let the little things that go on just do that, go on. Often I am at my parents and my mom will say she wants to go home. Tonight when I was there she wasn't sure if she wanted to stay for the night at the house she was at, or to leave and go home. There is no other house and there is no other home. Tonight she settled easily being told that there isn't another home, but on the day when she really wants to leave, my plan is to drive her around the blog, pull back into the drive way and announce we are home....Think that will work???? Who knows but it might just be one of those things that makes me laugh because like I said, if I didn't laugh I would cry.

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Beautiful blog!! :-)

Well done and all the best!!