Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Not Just Mother's Day

Today wasn't just about Mother's Day....I intentionally took it away from being just that--for too many years I have been hurt and it's always started out wonderful but for some reason or another it's gone downhill at some point during the day where I or one of my family has always ended up unhappy. So today we grocery shopped. We travelled to my parents for dinner and we arrived home for a night of watching our television shows........and to be honest it was one of the nicest days and ways I've ever spent Mother's Day. The day has been made far to commercial, I wasn't going to stop doing just because it was a day for moms, and it turned out that one of my most favourite pictures was captured by my daughter--and yes it was when I was giving my mom the mother's day cake we took over for dinner but as her memory does not allow for her to remember what special days are any more we just treated it as a neat dessert for a nice dinner. The picture captured my heart and will be one I cherish for a long long time. After a night at my parents we arrived home. Later than usual but just in time for our tv shows. Just before we sat to watch two hours of television Taylor and hubby disappeared upstairs to come down with hubby carrying the camera and Taylor walking towards me with a gift she and her father had bought the week before. For those who don't know my husband is disabled......going out is a's difficult and at the least a days venture......he and Taylor spent a day together last week and they happened to head to the shopping centre and it was late at night I was given an amazing gift of two Pandora charms for my bracelet...I love my gift, I love my two special persons in my world. I love my parents, and having spent the day with those that are important to me it wasn't just Mother's Days but it was a special day that I spent with those I truly love.

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