Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Report Card

Taylor brought her report card home today, and after telling me it was in her bag her next comment was that she hoped she had done well. Coming from a child who usually has every spelling word spelled correctly, every math questions answered right, and every piece of work she does completed properly this sounded like such a funny comment.
Then it dawned on me, what pressure she is putting on herself to be perfect, to do well and not to fail. No one instilled this on her, no one told her she had to have good grades, no one suggested she be perfect.
Where did this thought process come from???
Sitting there it hit me, those kids in school that always had to have the good grade, how they acted when they didn't, and here my six year old is already feeling that way. Feeling like she has to have As. and bs.
Made me remember heading home with my Cs thinking I had done so well, just passing and I was happy.
When she commented on doing well, my comment was all you can do is the best you can do. And that's when the question was well did you do. And my answer...only the best I could do.
Silently I sat there, hoping the conversation was over, how well didn't I do is what should of been asked.
I'm proud of her for her accomplishments, but most of all I'm proud of her for just being her, and doing all she can do, and hopefully she'll have her daddy's brains and her mommy's ability to think and talk at the same time...........or at least think and think some more.

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