Tuesday, March 4, 2008

First Hair Cut

Thought I'd update with a picture, everyone here has had what everyone else has going around-we've all been so sick, I finally had a chance to sit and just create so here it is......Taylor's First Hair Cut
Seven years old and first hair cut, wow, what an event. It's amazing that a child thinks it will hurt. Off we went to daddy's hairdresser and Taylor sat so bravely in that chair yet so fearful of the event. Once her hair was brushed out, and she was able to suggest how much she wanted off she continued to sit so bravely and allowed Michelle to cut only a fraction of an inch off. Michelle could not believe how healthy her hair was and she gave Taylor a choice, when you offer a child this much, or this much they for sure will take the lesser amount and Taylor did.
When all was said and done, Taylor realized it wasn't so bad, and off we went for McDonalds...............not often do we go there so it was her treat for being a "big girl".
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