Friday, August 14, 2009

ok Don't get me wrong......

I'm not a complainer, honestly, but after this week I can't honestly believe that all that is happening in our lives is happening. I have to start out by saying how proud I am of my hubby with all he is going through to recover from the car accident he was in, he can't be faulted in any way. He has attempted to do all he can to get better and stronger. It just amazes me that some people in this world lack compassion for others. Just this week he has seriously reacted to a medication that was prescribed to him, he has been asked to attend appointments that suggest they are four hours in lenght, he arrives after having a driver arranged to take him there and the appointment only lasts one hour and he has to attempt to get the driver back as he is stranded there until arrangements can be made. His work place didn't put his pay in the bank, and their only response was "oops sorry for the mistake."
I truly wish that things only get better, we know we are not the first to have to deal with all this nonsense, and we won't be the last, but how much do yah have to endure? I think I posted on my facebook I'm not gonna sit and cry I'm just gonna pull up my big girl panties and get done what needs to be done, heck I might even use them as a parachute to jump off the closest hill with, lol.
Thanks for stopping by and hey why not join my blog as a follower, I'd love to have yah stop by again. Soon I plan on getting my scrappy stuff organized and well then I'll be a non stop scrappin machine lol.

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