Monday, December 14, 2009

Dear Anonymous....

Someone recently left a comment on my blog signed from Anonymous. I was on my way to work, stopped at a red light and saw that there was a message on my phone. When I got to where I was parking I had a few minutes to read the message and it was from Anonymous. I just want to say I'm so glad you found my blog, you are so right, sometimes things happen for a reason, sometimes we find out why and other times we never are to know. Alot of my life has been that this last while, I'm trying to put together why things happen, to find reasons, to seek positive experiences from all the bad. I used to make excuses for friends who hurt me, then I learned that they never really were friends. Someone once asked me how many friends I really have and I had to think about that. Sure I have a few friends who I talk to every now and then, those people who we don't speak for a bit and then when we retouch base it feels like we really never had time separating us. But lately I have to say my true friends are my internet friends. They have been there when I needed to vent, they have come from somewhere and stuck about, they have commented on my blog and have become those I really trust, and they have been at scrap sites and I have gotten to know them and their likes and dislikes through their posts and pages.
Whoever you are anonymous I just wanted to say thanks for your comment, I read it and tears were in my eyes. You are welcome to come here anytime, and I hope you do and always say hi. I post about my experiences because what I am going through sometimes seems like such a nightmare, but it's not, it's reality. Sorry you are going through the same things, it doesn't seem like a very happy time for either of us right now. Just know that if you ever feel like saying hi and leaving a message I am here and will read and if whenthe opportunity will respond. When I write I write from my heart, it gives me the ability to just put my thoughts and experiences down and for doing that it helps me accept, understand, and work through all my stuff.
I'm thankful for all my internet friends, I could type their names all now but they know who they are, and I truly appreciate all that do and have done for me. Those who have touched my heart I hope to always have in my life. I hope to be able to be that friend that they are to me. Thanks anonymous and everyone else forstopping by and for being my friend, it means alot to me to have you all in my life!


Papertrails by a paper lover said...

Your words always touch me! It's amazing and heartwarming to read that someone found you and cared enough to leave a message. A message that inspired you to write and also give you a little hope. I compeltely relate on the friends statement and I have found myself doing a lot of soul searching on the very same topic. I truly hope you know I am here if you need to talk. I may not be experiencing the same situation but I do care and know that it's an "ear" that can relieve a heavy heart. Stress is spelled with three "s" for stop, and signal a sister. Okay, I made that up but I mean it sister! I am here for you! Big hugs to you my sis!

Dena E's Blog said...

Hey Sweetie~~~I've been reading your posts, catching up again and wanted to tell you ~~You're SUPER and beautiful too.
Thinkin of you over in Iowa USA in the cold. Miss ya too!!!
Big Hugs Dena