Thursday, July 28, 2011

A good day....

Today was a good day....we talked on the phone, Michael and Taylor both got on the phone and my father and mother were on the other end. For the most we were able to keep the in the present. Alot of the conversation was hard for my mother to keep up with, we tried to simplify most of the conversation but often my mother would refer to things that were on her mind.
Most conversations of late, I have been hanging up with tears in my eyes, spending the next longest while crying wishing that our lives were different. Today we laughed, giggled and when we hung up it was with hugs and words love=love you shared. One day at a time, baby steps, remember the good, work through the sad. How unfair, but manageable.
I really am trying not to be selfish. I wish my mother were without this dreadful disease, but it's what we are dealing with and we will get through it together.

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