Friday, September 23, 2011


wasn't a good day. Today I set goals I wanted to achieve and guess what---everything I wanted to do got done!!! Not so sure if I've mentioned lately all that is on my plate--it actually is alot and I've come to realize that so far I've managed it all well. Not so sure how anyone else would manage, but I am wondering. Guess you could say, every now and then I have a down day, yesterday was really one of the first that I actually sat and wrote how down I really felt. The today I thought I'd better post what's on my plate so that people know I'm really not a Debbie Downer.

So where do I begin, well here goes.....
2009 hubby in serious auto accident, sustained head injury creating memory and cognitive issues as well as injury to spine

2009 daughter diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic - then one year later told her was not and to stop administering insulin--oh did I mention she was only nine at the time-there are still issues with her blood sugars and we are still no wiser as to what the matter is
2010 my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, varied Dementia, and after several falls which the family doctor did nothing about, several injuries which impede activity

2011 myself three surgeries, one to fix the first two that were not done properly, and that further complications resulted from lack of doctors taking the time to do their jobs right

2011 daughter fell down stairs---held onto the rail, didn't let go and has torn all the muscles about and on the rotor cuff, surgery possible in the next few days/week, oh and she's now ten

add to that the stress of not working daily, the issues of common cold, flu and other nasty things that happen once school starts and well, now you totally see where I am coming from. There's a whole lot more thrown in there that is needing to be dealt with daily but I won't get into all the nittygritty, however yestersday was a bad day---today is better :)

All I need to remember is I do have friends, I have a wonderful husband, and my daughter is fantastic. These are the positive things that make my life good, and I am very thankful for.

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