Thursday, October 20, 2011

haven't posted for a bit..............

not so sure why. Sometimes I think if I ignore life it will just go away.

I see the look in my mothers eyes. The confusion during conversations is difficult to figure out, she deserves an "A" for effort in not trying to upset anyone as she really does not know who we are, and does not let on, at times we are able to figure out her confusion by comments she makes, and at those times it brings tears to my eyes. My father and I have had several conversations, he is a hero in my books for all he is doing. I've always known how lucky I am to have him as my father but even today I learn so much from him and I am so proud of who he is and all he does. I do cry more than I think I ever have, and I know that crying only causes headaches, but it does help sometimes and if that's what I have to do to make myself feel a wee bit better than I'll shed tears when I have to and laugh when I can. Laughter really is the best medicine.

Taylor came home with a note yesterday, and right now my hubby is sitting at the computer emailing her teacher a letter. Her concerns are of Taylor's fidgeting in class. Wow, with all Taylor has going on in her life, I'd pleased if I were a teacher and this is how she is using her time to relieve her stresses. Often I learn from Taylor, however one thing I can't understand is how a teacher with knowledge of a child's issues in her life---and there are many, can actually focus on fidgeting and it's distraction for the class. When I hear all else that is going on in the class it just causes me to shake my head.
This is just one more thing that is put on that plate that is already piled high. Will we deal with it, yes, do we want assistance from the teacher, yes. Do we think Taylor needs to be disciplined by the teacher, NO, but that's not for us to say, it's her environment and all we can do it hope that Taylor comes to some sort of way of coping that fits into the teacher's little box of allowment-is that a word??? so that she is not disciplined again, and that one day soon she may have that desk back to use. Yup the teacher took her desk and turned it back around so that there is not the opportunity to put things into it. That is a priviledge and has to be earned. Taylor earned her desks once, but had it taken away when she wasn't sitting still, go figure.

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Karen said...

Just hopped into your blog - hope you don't mind x
Felt I had to say something because you write so beautifully and with such emotion.
I lost my mum to alcoholism when she was just 53, nearly 20 years ago but your poor mum and the things she is suffering are tragic. You are such an amazing family.
I hope you sort out your daughter's clash with her teacher - school is such a wonderful place for a child but sadly not all children get out of it what they should.
I have 3 sons, they youngest now 18 but when he was 10 his teacher made him sit at the front of the class while all the other children were asked to say what they did not like about DS's behaviour. I was apalled - how dare she - that was tantamount to abuse. Headteacher was told but did nothing. I wish now that I had taken it further but did not want to make him have to change schools and make new friends just before he was moving up to high school anyway!
Needless to say he graduated this year and is now at college wanting to be an EMT :)
He was easily distracted by other children and bored with the classes he was doing. He is also borderline dyslexic but has overcome that enough to graduate :)

I wish you all the best for the future, try to remember your mum as she was before the Alzheimer's. I so hope they find a cure for it soon it is such a cruel disease.
Re-read your post of 11th August because your daughter is truly an angel xxx