Monday, January 2, 2012


Haven't been here for a bit. Life has really gotten in the way. Thought I would update and sort of let yah know where things have been........... remember that diagnoses of Alzheimer's that my mom was given a way back a bit ago????? Well I argued it and would refused to believe it.

After an MRI that showed a tumor, non cancerous, on my mother's brain, our new family doctor, who I must say suggested I write down all my concerns and ask lots of questions, made an appointment for my mother to see a neurosurgeon. Well, I did, and he answered. I wasn't there for the appointment, as it was scheduled when I was working, and probably because of how I opposed the diagnoses they really weren't wanting me there. Well, the neurosurgeon asks questions, reads the note I sent, completes a few memory tests, and comes to the conclusion that YUP, I was right. She does not have Alzheimer's, he comments that she is far to smart and her ability to keep on track is not of that that someone would demonstrate with the disease.

As my father says when I asked him how he was feeling..........first sad, then upset then sad see it's not the first time the medical profession has botched up. I won't even go into the number of times, but truly it would make your head swim. I have very little faith, no respect and absolutely no want to have something ever attempted to be fixed again if it really ain't broken.

So where do we go from here??? Apparently my mother was on medication that was far to strong with the amount being far to much, that was changed after a fast visit to our new family doctor. Apparently there is concern for the damage the strokes she has had have done. However, can you imagine the day before Christmas Eve, the doctor called who made more than one wrong diagnoses and put them all on paper in a letter to my parents, to see if my mother would agree to being in the hospital for a few days to have a complete review of her medications, and her health. First off, how sad that she felt the need to call, especially her timing, and on the phone would not even mention that she was wrong but that the neurosurgeon's report makes some recommendations, but she would love to have my mother in again to reassess. Oh I should mention she is a specialist in one medical area and totally suggested that my mother does not fit into this category.
My thoughts, the medical field is totally a guessing game, no one knows which side is up. That doctors refuse to admit error, and hide behind reassessments, and that most doctors think they are "God like", and only they not the specialists know what they are doing.

How do I feel??? A lot like how my father feels with a whole lot of anger in there. Where do we go??? We aren't sure. What will we do, we don't know. My mother wants nothing to do with the doctor who was wrong, she wants nothing to do with her or her place of work. We will have to make some decisions. Who knows where they will take us. I am truly hoping that 2012 is a whole lot different than 2011. Here's to whatever awaits around the corner. Keep us in your thoughts, and please always asks lots of questions and if you don't agree, don't give in, the health of a loved one might be jeopardized if you do.

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